Hand Painted Diary-Lotus Pichwai,Handicraft, Hand Crafted Diaries, Notebooks

Hand Painted Diary-Lotus Pichwai

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A Diary Is One Of Your Favourite and Personal Thing And Its More When its Handcrafted..A diary just makes our lives so much easier, be it for journaling our thoughts, emotions, experiences, poems; and even recording our daily personal accounts, writing letters, making notes, deciding daily menus, noting things-to-do on a regular basis to keep ourselves organized and going.

About Art

Pichwai ( Pichhvai ) is a form of art that originated over 400 years ago in the temple town of Nathdwara near Udaipur in Rajasthan. The term “Pichwai” has come about because these artworks are hung literally “piche” or behind the temple deity and “wai” literally means a textile hanging.

We at Guthali are trying to revive the forsaken art which has a long history, in our handcrafted products. Be the first one to be a part of this movement of uplifting our forgotten heritage.

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