My Story

Guthali "a timeless seed" that aims to work for the revival of traditonal crafts. I am textile design graduate, desired of working with and for the artists, promote cultural values and ship it on a global scale with a clear idea and three words for the brand- handmade, hand painted and hand woven. Revitalization and sustainability have always been the heart of the conception of Guthali. One way we aim to do it is by translating various Indian art forms into everyday products.

Art brings happiness in my life”, a personal mantra that kept me going even through the strict lockdown days during the pandemic. “At Guthali, we don’t boast of working with master craftsmen. We work with next-gen artists to make sure these crafts don’t die. So we can ensure that more and more younger artists keep creating art through a full-time profession.” I knew the livelihoods of artisans we employed depended on me. To tackle the pandemic woes, we created a foolproof plan about spreading the importance of Hand painted goods and creating awareness among our customers about traditional art forms.

GUTHALI sits at the epicenter of artisans and art lovers. For artists, we aim to encourage the younger generation to aspire to an art career. Many of whom would give up on the lack of support from family. The most common misconception is- Art is Not a Profession. And for art lovers, Guthali makes owning a piece of art approachable,  affordable and functional for daily use.  Of my visionary, I wanted to break the idea that art is what adorns the walls in the form of paintings. We give art a functional value and purpose. We create products that can be used in everyday life, make people aware of various art techniques and create a sense of belonging.” They’re not called Guthali by chance. Like a timeless seed gives birth to different lifetimes, the idea is to create something that you can pass on to further generations.