Ik Matsya Wooden Coaster - Guthali
Ik Matsya Wooden Coaster - Guthali

Ik Matsya Wooden Coaster

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This collection of hand-painted wooden coasteris inspired from “DASHAVATARA CARDS” of GANJIFA ART play cards. Ten suits of twelve cards, each suit is based on one of the ten incarnations of Vishnu. An upper court card, Raja, a lower court card, Pradhan or Mantri, and ten numerals in each suit. Suits are: Matsya (fish), Kurma (turtle), Varaha (boar), Narasimha (lion), Vamana (water pot), Parashurama (axe), Rama (bow & arrow, or monkey), Krishna (quoit or cow), Buddha (conch) and Kalkin (sword or horse). Let the vibe of our mythogenous era come at your home.

About Art

Ganjifa is a card game and type of playing cards that are most associated with Persia and India. The wet cotton rags are layered  and pasted into cloth roundels with glue. The designs of these forgotten cards have not changed at all in the last one thousand years. After Ganjifa cards fell out of use in Iran before the twentieth century, India became the last country to produce them. The form prevalent in Odisha is Ganjapa. The earliest origins of the cards remain uncertain, but Ganjifa cards as they are known today are believed to have originated in Persia hence it has travelled miles to reach India. The game became popular at the Mughal court and standardized by emperor Akbar. The game later spread to the general public. The Ganjifa cards once commonly played in Nepal, India, Turkey, Iran and some Arab lands, the game has become desolate now. 

We at Guthali are trying to revive the forsaken art which has a long history, in our handcrafted products. Be the first one to be a part of this movement of uplifting our forgotten heritage.

Product Specs

Material - Babool Wood

Product SKU - GPGCR015A

Color - Multicolor

Dimension - 9 cm x 10 cm x 8mm

(Dimension may vary due to natural raw  wood is taken in used)

Care Instructions

Wipe with wet cloth


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